Thursday, October 18, 2018, 2:24 PM GMT
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CYBG, Bagotville, Que.

Location: , , Canada Lat: 48.333
Local Time: 2:24 PM GMT (14:24 GMT) Lon: -71
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 521 ft

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2018-10-18 14:00 METAR CYBG 181400Z 29018G28KT 20SM BKN030 M00/M06 A2998 RMK SC7 SLP160 =
2018-10-18 13:23 METAR CYBG 181323Z 27021G28KT 20SM BKN030 M00/M05 A2996 RMK SC7 SLP155 =
2018-10-18 13:00 METAR CYBG 181300Z 27024G30KT 15SM -SHSN BKN029 M00/M05 A2996 RMK SC7 PCPN VRY
                 LGT SLP153 =
2018-10-18 12:19 METAR CYBG 181219Z 27021G26KT 15SM -SHSN BKN027 M01/M05 A2994 RMK SC7 VIS LWR N
                 PCPN VRY LGT SLP147 =
2018-10-18 12:00 METAR CYBG 181200Z 27023G29KT 15SM BKN030 M01/M06 A2993 RMK SC6 SLP144 =
2018-10-18 11:00 METAR CYBG 181100Z 27020G26KT 25SM BKN035 M01/M05 A2990 RMK SC7 SLP134 =
2018-10-18 10:31 METAR CYBG 181031Z 27024G30KT 25SM -SHSN OVC035 M01/M04 A2989 RMK SC8 SLP130 =
2018-10-18 10:00 METAR CYBG 181000Z 27019G27KT 15SM OVC035 M01/M05 A2987 RMK SC8 SLP125 =
2018-10-18 09:00 METAR CYBG 180900Z 28020G27KT 15SM -SHSN BKN030 OVC040 M01/M05 A2985 RMK SC6SC2
                 SLP115 =
2018-10-18 08:00 METAR CYBG 180800Z 28021G30KT 15SM -SHSN BKN030 OVC080 M00/M04 A2980 RMK SC5AC3
                 SLP101 =
2018-10-18 07:00 METAR CYBG 180700Z 27019G26KT 15SM -SHSN OVC035 M00/M04 A2977 RMK SC8 SLP090 =
2018-10-18 06:00 METAR CYBG 180600Z 28020G25KT 15SM -SHSN OVC030 M00/M05 A2976 RMK SC8 SLP086 =
2018-10-18 05:00 METAR CYBG 180500Z 27019G24KT 15SM OVC030 00/M06 A2975 RMK SC8 SLP081 =
2018-10-18 04:00 METAR CYBG 180400Z 27017G27KT 15SM OVC030 00/M06 A2974 RMK SC8 SLP078 =
2018-10-18 03:00 METAR CYBG 180300Z 27015KT 15SM OVC030 01/M05 A2974 RMK SC8 SLP077 =
2018-10-18 02:00 METAR CYBG 180200Z 27019G25KT 25SM FEW030 SCT065 BKN120 OVC220 01/M04 A2972 RMK
                 SC2SC2AC2CI2 SLP071 =
2018-10-18 01:00 METAR CYBG 180100Z 27015KT 25SM BKN120 01/M04 A2970 RMK AC7 SLP066 =
2018-10-18 00:00 METAR CYBG 180000Z 27013KT 25SM FEW040 BKN110 02/M03 A2968 RMK SC2AC5 SLP059 =
2018-10-17 23:00 METAR CYBG 172300Z 27018KT 25SM BKN030 BKN040 02/M03 A2966 RMK SC5SC2 SLP052 =
2018-10-17 22:23 METAR CYBG 172223Z 27019G24KT 15SM BKN030 BKN100 02/M02 A2964 RMK SC5AC2 SLP044
2018-10-17 22:00 METAR CYBG 172200Z 27018G25KT 10SM -SHRASN FEW005 BKN025 BKN100 02/M01 A2962 RMK
                 SF1SC5AC2 VIS LWR E SLP039 =
2018-10-17 21:45 METAR CYBG 172145Z 27017G26KT 2SM -SHRASN FEW005 BKN025 OVC032 03/M00 A2962 RMK
                 SF2SC5SC1 VIS VRB 1 1/2-2 1/2 SLP036 =
2018-10-17 21:26 METAR CYBG 172126Z 27015G24KT 15SM VCSH SCT024 BKN090 BKN210 03/M02 A2959 RMK
                 SC3AC2CI2 SH ALQDS MOVG E SLP029 =
2018-10-17 21:00 METAR CYBG 172100Z 28020G28KT 10SM -SHSN SCT020 BKN080 04/M03 A2959 RMK SC3AC4
                 VIS LWR NW SLP026 =
2018-10-17 20:24 METAR CYBG 172024Z 28018G26KT 25SM VCSH SCT050 BKN080 05/M02 A2957 RMK SC3AC4 SH
                 S MOVG E SLP021 =
2018-10-17 20:00 METAR CYBG 172000Z 27013G24KT 20SM -SHRA FEW010 BKN055 05/M01 A2956 RMK CF1SC6
                 PCPN VRY LGT SLP018 =
2018-10-17 19:00 METAR CYBG 171900Z 28013G22KT 20SM VCSH BKN027TCU BKN210 06/M01 A2955 RMK
                 TCU6CC1 TCU ALQDS MOVG E SH S SLP012 =
2018-10-17 18:00 METAR CYBG 171800Z 27011KT 20SM SCT010 BKN060 BKN230 04/02 A2954 RMK SC3SC3CI1
                 SLP011 =
2018-10-17 17:00 METAR CYBG 171700Z 28018KT 5SM -SHRA BR FEW008 OVC020 03/02 A2954 RMK SF2SC6 CIG
                 VRB 15-25 SLP010 =
2018-10-17 16:39 METAR CYBG 171639Z 28018G25KT 5SM SHRA BR BKN021 OVC060 04/02 A2953 RMK SC6SC2
                 CIG VRB 15-27 SLP007 =
2018-10-17 16:00 METAR CYBG 171600Z 22013G18KT 15SM -SHRA SCT021 OVC065 06/03 A2952 RMK SC3SC5
                 PCPN VRY LGT SLP004 =
2018-10-17 15:38 METAR CYBG 171538Z 23010G17KT 15SM -SHRA SCT022 OVC065 05/02 A2952 RMK SC4SC4
                 PCPN VRY LGT SLP005 =
2018-10-17 15:00 METAR CYBG 171500Z 23017G22KT 10SM -SHRA BKN021 OVC045 06/02 A2953 RMK SC6SC2
                 CIG VRB 15-27 SLP006 =

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