Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 11:29 AM GMT
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CYCX, Gagetown Can-Mil

Location: , , Canada Lat: 45.833
Local Time: 11:29 AM GMT (11:29 GMT) Lon: -66.433
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 167 ft

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2018-01-17 11:20 METAR CYCX 171120Z 13002KT 2SM -SN OVC020 M11/M12 A3044 RMK SC8 DA-3590FT VIS
                 VRB 1 1/2-2 1/2 SLP311 =
2018-01-17 11:10 METAR CYCX 171110Z 14002KT 3SM -SN OVC030 M11/M13 A3044 RMK SC8 DA-3604FT VIS
                 VRB 2 1/4-4 SLP312 =
2018-01-17 11:00 METAR CYCX 171100Z 00000KT 2SM -SN OVC035 M11/M13 A3044 RMK SC8 DA-3631FT VIS
                 VRB 1 1/2-2 1/2 SLP313 =
2018-01-17 10:00 METAR CYCX 171000Z 00000KT 6SM -SN OVC047 M11/M13 A3044 RMK SC8 DA-3699FT SLP311
2018-01-17 09:47 METAR CYCX 170947Z 00000KT 9SM -SN OVC047 M12/M14 A3043 RMK SC8 DA-3728FT SLP309
2018-01-17 09:00 METAR CYCX 170900Z 00000KT 15SM OVC060 M12/M14 A3043 RMK SC8 DA-3783FT SLP310 =
2018-01-17 08:00 METAR CYCX 170800Z 00000KT 15SM OVC050 M12/M14 A3043 RMK SC8 DA-3824FT SLP311 =
2018-01-17 07:00 METAR CYCX 170700Z 32003KT 15SM BKN053 M13/M14 A3045 RMK SC6 DA-3861FT SLP314 =
2018-01-17 06:00 METAR CYCX 170600Z 17004KT 15SM BKN150 M14/M15 A3044 RMK AC5 DA-4000FT SLP314 =
2018-01-17 05:00 METAR CYCX 170500Z 00000KT 15SM BKN150 M14/M16 A3044 RMK AC5 DA-4027FT SLP313 =
2018-01-17 04:00 METAR CYCX 170400Z 00000KT 15SM FEW150 M13/M15 A3046 RMK AC2 DA-3940FT SLP318 =
2018-01-17 03:00 METAR CYCX 170300Z 19003KT 15SM FEW090 M14/M16 A3047 RMK AC1 DA-4145FT SLP324 =
2018-01-17 02:00 METAR CYCX 170200Z 20003KT 15SM FEW090 M14/M16 A3047 RMK AC1 DA-4075FT SLP322 =
2018-01-17 01:00 METAR CYCX 170100Z 24003KT 15SM FEW090 M13/M14 A3048 RMK AC2 DA-3963FT SLP325 =
2018-01-17 00:00 METAR CYCX 170000Z 27003KT 15SM FEW090 M10/M13 A3048 RMK AC1 DA-3610FT SLP325 =
2018-01-16 23:00 METAR CYCX 162300Z 25004KT 230V290 15SM BKN016 BKN030 M09/M11 A3047 RMK SC6SC1
                 DA-3343FT SLP323 =
2018-01-16 22:00 METAR CYCX 162200Z 19003KT 15SM BKN020 BKN030 M10/M12 A3046 RMK SC5SC1 DA-3491FT
                 SLP318 =
2018-01-16 21:00 METAR CYCX 162100Z 00000KT 8SM -SHSN BKN015 BKN027 M08/M11 A3045 RMK SC6SC1
                 DA-3307FT SLP316 =
2018-01-16 20:00 METAR CYCX 162000Z 30002KT 10SM -SHSN BKN015 BKN027 M08/M12 A3045 RMK SC5SC1
                 DA-3308FT SLP315 =
2018-01-16 19:31 METAR CYCX 161931Z 00000KT 8SM -SHSN BKN016 BKN035 M08/M12 A3044 RMK SC5SC2
                 DA-3269FT SLP311 =
2018-01-16 19:00 METAR CYCX 161900Z 29002KT 3SM -SN BKN010 BKN020 M09/M12 A3044 RMK ST5SC2
                 DA-3323FT SLP311 =
2018-01-16 18:00 METAR CYCX 161800Z 28003KT 1SM -SN OVC007 M09/M11 A3044 RMK ST8 DA-3334FT SLP311
2018-01-16 17:49 METAR CYCX 161749Z 31002KT 1 1/2SM -SNSG OVC007 M09/M11 A3044 RMK ST8 DA-3374FT
                 SLP312 =
2018-01-16 17:00 METAR CYCX 161700Z 04004KT 360V060 6SM -FZDZ -SN OVC007 M09/M11 A3043 RMK ST8
                 DA-3402FT PCPN VRY LGT SLP310 =
2018-01-16 16:00 METAR CYCX 161600Z 03004KT 350V110 6SM -SN OVC007 M09/M11 A3046 RMK ST8
                 DA-3451FT SLP318 =
2018-01-16 15:00 METAR CYCX 161500Z 04006KT 010V080 6SM -SN OVC007 M10/M12 A3047 RMK ST8
                 DA-3530FT PCPN VRY LGT SLP323 =
2018-01-16 14:31 METAR CYCX 161431Z 36002KT 4SM -SN OVC007 M10/M12 A3049 RMK ST8 DA-3553FT SLP328
2018-01-16 14:00 METAR CYCX 161400Z 01005KT 340V050 2SM -SN OVC008 M10/M12 A3049 RMK ST8
                 DA-3593FT SLP329 =
2018-01-16 13:39 METAR CYCX 161339Z 01005KT 350V070 1 3/4SM -SN OVC008 M10/M12 A3049 RMK ST8
                 DA-3607FT SLP328 =
2018-01-16 13:23 METAR CYCX 161323Z 02005KT 2SM -SN OVC009 M10/M12 A3050 RMK ST8 DA-3632FT SLP334
2018-01-16 13:00 METAR CYCX 161300Z 02006KT 5SM -SN OVC010 M10/M13 A3049 RMK ST8 DA-3594FT SLP328
2018-01-16 12:00 METAR CYCX 161200Z 01007KT 11SM -SN OVC012 M10/M13 A3047 RMK ST8 DA-3572FT PCPN
                 VRY LGT SLP324 =

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