Saturday, November 18, 2017, 11:11 PM GMT
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CYCX, Gagetown Can-Mil

Location: , , Canada Lat: 45.833
Local Time: 11:11 PM GMT (23:11 GMT) Lon: -66.433
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 167 ft

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2017-11-18 22:00 METAR CYCX 182200Z 00000KT 15SM BKN130 M01/M06 A2979 RMK AC7 DA-1556FT SLP090 =
2017-11-18 21:00 METAR CYCX 182100Z 26002KT 15SM BKN096 OVC220 M00/M07 A2980 RMK AC6CI2 DA-1468FT
                 SLP095 =
2017-11-18 20:00 METAR CYCX 182000Z 27004KT 15SM BKN090 BKN220 01/M06 A2979 RMK AC5CI1 DA-1355FT
                 SLP089 =
2017-11-18 19:00 METAR CYCX 181900Z 25006KT 15SM SCT090 01/M07 A2980 RMK AC4 DA-1305FT SLP093 =
2017-11-18 18:00 METAR CYCX 181800Z 27005KT 230V290 15SM FEW090 01/M07 A2979 RMK AC2 DA-1318FT
                 SLP091 =
2017-11-18 17:00 METAR CYCX 181700Z 29008KT 260V340 15SM FEW090 FEW220 M00/M07 A2980 RMK AC2CI1
                 DA-1483FT SLP095 =
2017-11-18 16:00 METAR CYCX 181600Z 28007KT 15SM FEW090 SCT220 M01/M08 A2983 RMK AC1CI3 DA-1646FT
                 SLP105 =
2017-11-18 15:00 METAR CYCX 181500Z 29009KT 15SM FEW025 BKN220 M02/M08 A2985 RMK SC2CI2 DA-1810FT
                 SLP112 =
2017-11-18 14:00 METAR CYCX 181400Z 28008KT 15SM BKN025 M03/M08 A2985 RMK SC6 DA-1900FT SLP111 =
2017-11-18 13:00 METAR CYCX 181300Z 29009KT 15SM BKN020 M03/M08 A2984 RMK SC7 DA-1941FT SLP109 =
2017-11-18 12:00 METAR CYCX 181200Z 28009KT 15SM OVC020 M04/M08 A2983 RMK SC8 DA-1954FT SLP105 =
2017-11-18 11:00 METAR CYCX 181100Z 28011KT 250V310 15SM OVC022 M03/M08 A2982 RMK SC8 DA-1917FT
                 SLP101 =
2017-11-18 10:00 METAR CYCX 181000Z 29009G18KT 15SM OVC022 M03/M08 A2978 RMK SC8 DA-1857FT SLP088
2017-11-18 09:00 METAR CYCX 180900Z 28011G16KT 15SM OVC022 M03/M08 A2976 RMK SC8 DA-1794FT SLP082
2017-11-18 08:00 METAR CYCX 180800Z 30011KT 15SM BKN022 M03/M08 A2975 RMK SC7 DA-1796FT SLP075 =
2017-11-18 07:00 METAR CYCX 180700Z 29012KT 15SM OVC022 M03/M08 A2972 RMK SC8 DA-1723FT SLP067 =
2017-11-18 06:00 METAR CYCX 180600Z 30020G25KT 15SM OVC024 M02/M08 A2972 RMK SC8 DA-1658FT SLP068
2017-11-18 05:00 METAR CYCX 180500Z 30018G24KT 15SM OVC024 M02/M07 A2971 RMK SC8 DA-1594FT SLP064
2017-11-18 04:00 METAR CYCX 180400Z 30018G27KT 15SM OVC024 M02/M07 A2970 RMK SC8 DA-1569FT SLP061
2017-11-18 03:00 METAR CYCX 180300Z 30020G30KT 15SM BKN024 M01/M07 A2969 RMK SC7 DA-1506FT SLP056
2017-11-18 02:00 METAR CYCX 180200Z 29021G27KT 15SM BKN024 M01/M06 A2966 RMK SC6 DA-1392FT SLP047
2017-11-18 01:00 METAR CYCX 180100Z 29014G21KT 15SM BKN024 M00/M05 A2964 RMK SC6 DA-1315FT SLP038
2017-11-18 00:00 METAR CYCX 180000Z 30021G26KT 15SM BKN024 M00/M05 A2961 RMK SC6 DA-1229FT SLP031

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