Friday, April 20, 2018, 10:38 AM GMT
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CYGK, Kingston, Ont.

Location: , , Canada Lat: 44.217
Local Time: 10:38 AM GMT (10:38 GMT) Lon: -76.6
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 305 ft

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2018-04-20 10:00 METAR CYGK 201000Z 31009KT 15SM BKN041 M00/M07 A3018 RMK SC6 SLP226 =
2018-04-20 03:00 METAR CYGK 200300Z 32009G16KT 15SM BKN098 M00/M04 A3008 RMK AC6 LAST STFD OBS /
                 NEXT 201000 UTC SLP192 =
2018-04-20 02:23 METAR CYGK 200223Z 30009KT 15SM FEW034 BKN094 M00/M03 A3007 RMK SC2AC5 SLP190 =
2018-04-20 02:00 METAR CYGK 200200Z 30008KT 15SM -SHSN FEW022 SCT038 BKN092 M00/M03 A3007 RMK
                 SC1SC2AC4 CVCTV CLD EMBD SLP190 =
2018-04-20 01:00 METAR CYGK 200100Z 31014KT 8SM -SHSN SCT024 BKN042 BKN120 M00/M02 A3006 RMK
                 SC4SC2AC1 SLP185 =
2018-04-20 00:08 METAR CYGK 200008Z 32012KT 15SM -SHSN FEW030 SCT042 OVC080 01/M04 A3003 RMK
                 CF1SC3AC4 CVCTV CLD EMBD VIS W LWR SLP173 =
2018-04-20 00:00 METAR CYGK 200000Z 33011KT 15SM FEW030 SCT042 OVC080 01/M04 A3002 RMK SF1SC2AC5
                 SLP173 =
2018-04-19 23:00 METAR CYGK 192300Z 32013G22KT 15SM -SHSN FEW016 BKN034 OVC050 01/M04 A2998 RMK
                 CF2SC4SC2 CVCTV CLD EMBD SLP159 =
2018-04-19 22:00 METAR CYGK 192200Z 34014G21KT 15SM -SHSN FEW028 BKN042 OVC074 02/M05 A2994 RMK
                 CU2SC4AC2 SLP145 =
2018-04-19 21:00 METAR CYGK 192100Z 35015G20KT 15SM -SHSN SCT025 OVC042 03/M05 A2991 RMK CU3SC5
                 SLP135 =
2018-04-19 20:00 METAR CYGK 192000Z 32015G23KT 15SM -SHSN SCT026 OVC050 03/M05 A2990 RMK CU3SC5
                 SLP129 =
2018-04-19 19:00 METAR CYGK 191900Z 34014G20KT 15SM -SHSN SCT026 OVC044 03/M05 A2987 RMK CU3SC5
                 SLP122 =
2018-04-19 18:00 METAR CYGK 191800Z 34012G19KT 15SM -SHSN SCT022 OVC041 02/M03 A2987 RMK CU4SC4
                 SLP119 =
2018-04-19 17:00 METAR CYGK 191700Z 33007KT 15SM -SHSN FEW024 OVC045 02/M03 A2984 RMK CU2SC6
                 SLP112 =
2018-04-19 16:00 METAR CYGK 191600Z 31010KT 15SM -SN BKN024 OVC040 02/M04 A2983 RMK SC6SC2 SLP106
2018-04-19 15:00 METAR CYGK 191500Z CCA 33008KT 12SM -SN FEW020 BKN025 OVC050 01/M03 A2982 RMK
                 CF1SC6SC1 SLP102 =
2018-04-19 14:13 METAR CYGK 191413Z 32009KT 15SM -SN FEW022 BKN032 OVC060 01/M04 A2980 RMK
                 CF1SC6SC1 SLP097 =
2018-04-19 14:00 METAR CYGK 191400Z 31008KT 15SM FEW022 BKN027 OVC060 01/M04 A2980 RMK CF1SC6SC1
                 SLP096 =
2018-04-19 13:00 METAR CYGK 191300Z 34010KT 15SM BKN032 OVC055 00/M04 A2979 RMK SC6SC2 SLP092 =
2018-04-19 12:00 METAR CYGK 191200Z 34010KT 15SM BKN029 BKN058 00/M03 A2978 RMK SC5SC2 SLP090 =
2018-04-19 11:00 METAR CYGK 191100Z 33008KT 15SM FEW020 FEW030 BKN054 00/M03 A2977 RMK CF1SC1SC6
                 CF TR SLP087 =
2018-04-19 10:42 METAR CYGK 191042Z 33006KT 15SM FEW020 BKN053 BKN200 00/M03 A2977 RMK CF1SC6CI1
                 CI TR SLP085 =

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