Sunday, November 18, 2018, 2:49 PM GMT
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CYHU, Saint Hubert Airport

Location: , , Canada Lat: 45.517
Local Time: 2:49 PM GMT (14:49 GMT) Lon: -73.417
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 88 ft

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2018-11-18 14:00 METAR CYHU 181400Z AUTO 15003KT 9SM FEW031 M11/M13 A3041 RMK SLP301 =
2018-11-18 13:00 METAR CYHU 181300Z AUTO 13002KT 9SM FEW230 M13/M15 A3040 RMK SLP299 =
2018-11-18 12:00 METAR CYHU 181200Z AUTO 00000KT 9SM CLR M15/M16 A3039 RMK SLP294 =
2018-11-18 11:00 METAR CYHU 181100Z AUTO 36002KT 9SM CLR M13/M15 A3037 RMK SLP288 =
2018-11-18 10:00 METAR CYHU 181000Z AUTO 28004KT 9SM CLR M09/M13 A3036 RMK SLP284 =
2018-11-18 09:00 METAR CYHU 180900Z AUTO 27006KT 9SM CLR M08/M13 A3034 RMK SLP279 =
2018-11-18 08:00 METAR CYHU 180800Z AUTO 28008KT 9SM CLR M07/M12 A3034 RMK SLP275 =
2018-11-18 07:00 METAR CYHU 180700Z AUTO 27006KT 9SM CLR M07/M11 A3032 RMK SLP270 =
2018-11-18 06:00 METAR CYHU 180600Z AUTO 27005KT 9SM CLR M06/M10 A3031 RMK SLP267 =
2018-11-18 05:00 METAR CYHU 180500Z AUTO 28007KT 9SM CLR M05/M10 A3028 RMK SLP258 =
2018-11-18 04:00 METAR CYHU 180400Z AUTO 28007KT 9SM CLR M04/M10 A3026 RMK SLP249 =
2018-11-18 03:00 METAR CYHU 180300Z AUTO 28008KT 9SM CLR M04/M10 A3025 RMK SLP246 =
2018-11-18 02:00 METAR CYHU 180200Z AUTO 28008KT 9SM CLR M03/M09 A3022 RMK SLP236 =
2018-11-18 01:00 METAR CYHU 180100Z AUTO 30011G16KT 9SM CLR M02/M08 A3019 RMK SLP227 =
2018-11-18 00:00 METAR CYHU 180000Z AUTO 30009KT 9SM CLR M01/M07 A3016 RMK SLP216 =
2018-11-17 23:00 METAR CYHU 172300Z AUTO 29010KT 9SM BKN044 OVC070 00/M06 A3013 RMK SLP205 =
2018-11-17 22:00 METAR CYHU 172200Z AUTO 28013G18KT 9SM OVC070 01/M05 A3009 RMK SLP191 =
2018-11-17 21:00 METAR CYHU 172100Z AUTO 29008KT 9SM FEW030 SCT035 OVC070 02/M03 A3005 RMK SLP178
2018-11-17 20:28 METAR CYHU 172028Z AUTO 30009KT 9SM FEW019 SCT026 OVC070 02/M03 A3003 RMK SLP173
2018-11-17 20:24 METAR CYHU 172024Z AUTO 29009KT 9SM -RA SCT019 SCT024 BKN032 OVC074 02/M02 A3003
                 RMK SLP173 =
2018-11-17 20:21 METAR CYHU 172021Z AUTO 29008KT 9SM -RA SCT019 BKN024 BKN031 OVC065 02/M02 A3003
                 RMK SLP172 =
2018-11-17 20:17 METAR CYHU 172017Z AUTO 30010KT 9SM -RA -UP BKN021 BKN031 OVC060 02/M02 A3003
                 RMK SLP171 =
2018-11-17 20:14 METAR CYHU 172014Z AUTO 31010KT 9SM -RA -UP SCT021 BKN027 OVC033 02/M02 A3003
                 RMK SLP171 =
2018-11-17 20:11 METAR CYHU 172011Z AUTO 30007KT 9SM -RA -UP BKN021 OVC027 02/M02 A3003 RMK
                 SLP171 =
2018-11-17 20:07 METAR CYHU 172007Z AUTO 30008G15KT 9SM -RA BKN021 OVC028 02/M02 A3003 RMK SLP171
2018-11-17 20:03 METAR CYHU 172003Z AUTO 29010KT 9SM BKN021 BKN027 BKN032 OVC042 02/M02 A3002 RMK
                 SLP170 =
2018-11-17 20:01 METAR CYHU 172001Z AUTO 27012KT 9SM SCT021 BKN030 OVC042 02/M02 A3002 RMK SLP169
2018-11-17 20:00 METAR CYHU 172000Z AUTO 27011G16KT 9SM BKN021 BKN030 OVC042 02/M02 A3002 RMK
                 SLP169 =
2018-11-17 19:00 METAR CYHU 171900Z AUTO 24007KT 9SM SCT022 SCT026 OVC031 02/M00 A3000 RMK SLP162
2018-11-17 18:07 METAR CYHU 171807Z AUTO 24010KT 9SM SCT025 BKN055 OVC081 02/M00 A2999 RMK SLP158
2018-11-17 18:00 METAR CYHU 171800Z AUTO 24011KT 9SM -RA SCT023 SCT040 BKN055 OVC076 01/M00 A2999
                 RMK SLP158 =
2018-11-17 17:49 METAR CYHU 171749Z AUTO 24010KT 9SM -RA -UP FEW023 BKN028 OVC055 01/M01 A2999
                 RMK SLP158 =
2018-11-17 17:47 METAR CYHU 171747Z AUTO 24010KT 9SM -RASN -UP FEW023 BKN028 OVC055 01/M00 A2999
                 RMK SLP157 =
2018-11-17 17:46 METAR CYHU 171746Z AUTO 24009KT 9SM -RASN BKN026 OVC055 01/M01 A2999 RMK SLP157
2018-11-17 17:45 METAR CYHU 171745Z AUTO 24009KT 9SM -RASN -UP BKN026 OVC050 01/M01 A2999 RMK
                 SLP157 =
2018-11-17 17:44 METAR CYHU 171744Z AUTO 24010KT 7SM -SN -UP BKN026 BKN048 OVC055 01/M01 A2999
                 RMK SLP157 =
2018-11-17 17:31 METAR CYHU 171731Z AUTO 24011KT 5SM -SN -UP FEW024 BKN031 OVC042 01/M01 A2998
                 RMK SLP156 =
2018-11-17 17:28 METAR CYHU 171728Z AUTO 24009KT 7SM -SN -UP BKN031 OVC042 02/M01 A2998 RMK
                 SLP156 =
2018-11-17 17:07 METAR CYHU 171707Z AUTO 26006KT 9SM -UP OVC040 02/M02 A2998 RMK SLP155 =
2018-11-17 17:01 METAR CYHU 171701Z AUTO 27007KT 9SM -RA -UP OVC040 02/M02 A2998 RMK SLP154 =
2018-11-17 17:00 METAR CYHU 171700Z AUTO 27007KT 9SM -RA OVC040 02/M02 A2998 RMK SLP154 =
2018-11-17 16:49 METAR CYHU 171649Z AUTO 27009KT 9SM -RA BKN041 OVC050 02/M03 A2998 RMK SLP154 =
2018-11-17 16:00 METAR CYHU 171600Z AUTO 27010KT 9SM BKN048 OVC085 03/M02 A2998 RMK SLP154 =
2018-11-17 15:00 METAR CYHU 171500Z AUTO 28008KT 9SM FEW044 BKN050 OVC085 02/M02 A2998 RMK SLP155

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