Monday, November 20, 2017, 4:15 AM GMT
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CYMX, Montreal / Mirabel

Location: , , Canada Lat: 45.683
Local Time: 4:15 AM GMT ( 4:15 GMT) Lon: -74.033
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 269 ft

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2017-11-20 04:00 METAR CYMX 200400Z 26006KT 240V300 25SM SCT030 BKN064 OVC100 M04/M07 A2963 RMK
                 SC3SC2AC3 SLP041 =
2017-11-20 03:00 METAR CYMX 200300Z 26008G16KT 25SM SCT020 OVC030 M04/M07 A2961 RMK SC4SC4 SLP033
2017-11-20 02:00 METAR CYMX 200200Z 26004KT 210V310 25SM BKN021 OVC030 M03/M06 A2958 RMK SC6SC2
                 SLP024 =
2017-11-20 01:00 METAR CYMX 200100Z 30007KT 250V330 25SM FEW020 OVC030 M03/M06 A2956 RMK SC2SC6
                 SLP015 =
2017-11-20 00:00 METAR CYMX 200000Z 27010KT 220V300 25SM FEW021 BKN034 M02/M05 A2953 RMK SC2SC5
                 SLP007 =
2017-11-19 23:00 METAR CYMX 192300Z 28004KT 240V340 25SM FEW016 BKN026 OVC031 M02/M05 A2953 RMK
                 CF1SC6SC2 CF TR SLP006 =
2017-11-19 22:00 METAR CYMX 192200Z 26006KT 230V310 25SM FEW020 BKN026 OVC033 M02/M04 A2949 RMK
                 SC1SC6SC1 SLP992 =
2017-11-19 21:00 METAR CYMX 192100Z 25007KT 230V290 45SM OVC026 M02/M05 A2946 RMK SC8 SLP982 =
2017-11-19 20:00 METAR CYMX 192000Z 28006G15KT 230V340 45SM OVC027 M02/M05 A2942 RMK SC8 SLP967 =
2017-11-19 19:00 METAR CYMX 191900Z 27010G17KT 240V340 25SM FEW020 BKN027 OVC035 M02/M05 A2937
                 RMK CF1SC7SC1 CF TR SLP953 =
2017-11-19 18:00 METAR CYMX 191800Z 27008G17KT 220V330 25SM FEW012 BKN024 OVC095 M02/M05 A2933
                 RMK CF1SC6AC1 SLP938 =
2017-11-19 17:00 METAR CYMX 191700Z 27007G21KT 240V320 15SM FEW011 BKN025 OVC069 M01/M04 A2928
                 RMK CF1SC5AC2 PRESRR SLP921 =
2017-11-19 16:28 METAR CYMX 191628Z 29009G20KT 240V320 10SM FEW011 BKN022 OVC068 M01/M04 A2924
                 RMK CF2SC5AC1 SLP908 =
2017-11-19 16:00 METAR CYMX 191600Z 28013G23KT 15SM -SN FEW008 BKN024 OVC045 M01/M04 A2923 RMK
                 SF1SC5SC2 SLP904 =
2017-11-19 15:48 METAR CYMX 191548Z 28007KT 230V320 10SM -SN FEW009 BKN018 OVC031 M01/M03 A2922
                 RMK SF1SC4SC3 VIS E QUAD 3 SLP901 =
2017-11-19 15:30 METAR CYMX 191530Z 28006G15KT 240V340 2SM -SN SCT008 BKN018 OVC027 M01/M02 A2921
                 RMK SN2SF2SC3SC1 SLP897 =
2017-11-19 15:00 METAR CYMX 191500Z 26006KT 240V310 1 1/2SM R06/5000VP6000FT/U R11/5500FT/U -SN
                 BR BKN007 OVC015 M00/M01 A2918 RMK SN3SF4SC1 VIS VRB 1-2 /S01/ PRESRR SLP888 =
2017-11-19 14:47 METAR CYMX 191447Z 29007G17KT 250V330 1 1/2SM R06/4500FT/N R11/4500FT/U -SN BR
                 BKN008 OVC017 M00/M01 A2917 RMK SN2SF4SC2 VIS VRB 1-2 SLP883 =
2017-11-19 14:00 METAR CYMX 191400Z 28004KT 240V310 1SM R06/4500FT/N -SN OVC005 00/M00 A2913 RMK
                 SN4SF4 SLP870 =
2017-11-19 13:00 METAR CYMX 191300Z 27004KT 230V300 1SM R06/P6000FT/D R11/P6000FT/D -SN BKN006
                 OVC015 00/M00 A2911 RMK SN6SF1SC1 CIG VRB 4-8 SLP862 =
2017-11-19 12:55 METAR CYMX 191255Z 27004KT 1SM R06/P6000FT/D R11/P6000FT/D -SN BR BKN007 OVC015
                 00/M00 A2911 RMK SN6SF1SC1 SLP862 =
2017-11-19 12:39 METAR CYMX 191239Z 27004KT 250V320 3SM -RASN BR OVC011 01/00 A2910 RMK SN3SC5
                 PRESRR SLP858 =
2017-11-19 12:30 METAR CYMX 191230Z 30004KT 270V360 5SM -RASN BR BKN005 OVC011 01/00 A2909 RMK
                 ST5SC3 SLP855 =
2017-11-19 12:00 METAR CYMX 191200Z 36006KT 6SM BR BKN005 OVC009 01/00 A2908 RMK SF5SF3 SLP852 =
2017-11-19 11:54 METAR CYMX 191154Z 36007KT 10SM -RA BKN005 OVC009 01/00 A2908 RMK ST5ST3 SLP854
2017-11-19 11:00 METAR CYMX 191100Z 03003KT 340V080 15SM -RA OVC005 00/M00 A2907 RMK ST8 SLP851 =
2017-11-19 10:48 METAR CYMX 191048Z 03004KT 350V100 10SM -RA OVC003 00/M00 A2908 RMK ST8 SLP852 =
2017-11-19 10:00 METAR CYMX 191000Z CCA 03004KT 340V080 5SM -SN BR OVC003 00/M00 A2910 RMK ST8
                 SLP861 =
2017-11-19 09:00 METAR CYMX 190900Z 03004KT 330V100 4SM -SN BR OVC003 00/M00 A2912 RMK ST8 SLP865
2017-11-19 08:00 METAR CYMX 190800Z 02004KT 320V090 3SM -FZRA BR OVC002 00/M00 A2915 RMK FG2ST6
                 SLP876 =
2017-11-19 07:00 METAR CYMX 190700Z 04005KT 340V100 4SM -FZRA BR OVC002 M00/M01 A2920 RMK ST8
                 SLP893 =
2017-11-19 06:00 METAR CYMX 190600Z 06008KT 10SM -FZRA OVC005 M01/M01 A2919 RMK ST8 PRESFR SLP890
2017-11-19 05:00 METAR CYMX 190500Z VRB05KT 10SM -FZRA OVC012 M01/M02 A2930 RMK SC8 SLP928 =

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