Saturday, January 20, 2018, 3:05 PM GMT
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CYQB, Quebec, Que

Location: , , Canada Lat: 46.8
Local Time: 3:05 PM GMT (15:05 GMT) Lon: -71.383
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 229 ft

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2018-01-20 14:00 METAR CYQB 201400Z 24016G26KT 8SM OVC032 01/M03 A2940 RMK SC8 SLP963 =
2018-01-20 13:17 METAR CYQB 201317Z 25020G27KT 8SM OVC033 01/M03 A2938 RMK SC8 SLP956 =
2018-01-20 13:00 METAR CYQB 201300Z 25019G27KT 6SM -RASN OVC033 00/M03 A2939 RMK SC8 SLP957 =
2018-01-20 12:40 METAR CYQB 201240Z 25020G27KT 6SM -RASN OVC033 00/M03 A2938 RMK SC8 SLP956 =
2018-01-20 12:00 METAR CYQB 201200Z 23016G21KT 6SM -SN OVC030 00/M04 A2937 RMK SC8 SLP953 =
2018-01-20 11:51 METAR CYQB 201151Z 23014KT 6SM -SN OVC030 00/M04 A2938 RMK SC8 PRESRR SLP956 =
2018-01-20 11:00 METAR CYQB 201100Z 24009G16KT 8SM OVC034 M01/M04 A2940 RMK SC8 SLP961 =
2018-01-20 10:00 METAR CYQB 201000Z 24006KT 8SM FEW015 OVC038 M02/M03 A2940 RMK SC2SC6 SLP960 =
2018-01-20 09:54 METAR CYQB 200954Z 24007KT 8SM SCT012 OVC037 M02/M03 A2940 RMK SC3SC5 SLP961 =
2018-01-20 09:22 METAR CYQB 200922Z 21010G16KT 7SM FEW005 BKN012 OVC032 M02/M03 A2941 RMK
                 SF1SC5SC3 SF TR PRESFR SLP965 =
2018-01-20 09:00 METAR CYQB 200900Z 22011KT 2SM -SHSNGS FEW012 OVC015 M02/M03 A2945 RMK SC2SC6
                 SLP978 =
2018-01-20 08:53 METAR CYQB 200853Z 23012G17KT 3/4SM R06/5000VP6000FT/U SN OVC008 M02/M03 A2947
                 RMK SN4ST4 TWR VIS 1 1/4 PRESRR SLP985 =
2018-01-20 08:16 METAR CYQB 200816Z 22008KT 1/2SM R06/6000FT/D SN VV006 M02/M04 A2948 RMK SN8
                 PRESFR SLP987 =
2018-01-20 08:13 METAR CYQB 200813Z 23007KT 3/4SM R06/P6000FT/D -SN VV008 M02/M04 A2948 RMK SN8
                 PRESFR SLP989 =
2018-01-20 08:09 METAR CYQB 200809Z 23008KT 2SM -SN BKN010 OVC015 M02/M05 A2949 RMK SN4SC2SC2
                 PRESFR SLP992 =
2018-01-20 08:00 METAR CYQB 200800Z 22009KT 8SM -SN FEW012 OVC032 M02/M05 A2949 RMK ST1SC8 ST TR
                 -SN INTMT PRESFR SLP993 =
2018-01-20 07:24 METAR CYQB 200724Z 23008KT 15SM OVC035 M02/M05 A2954 RMK SC8 SLP007 =
2018-01-20 07:00 METAR CYQB 200700Z 23010KT 7SM -SN FEW012 OVC032 M02/M05 A2954 RMK SC2SC6 SLP010
2018-01-20 06:18 METAR CYQB 200618Z 21009KT 7SM FEW012 BKN020 OVC032 M02/M04 A2955 RMK SC2SC3SC3
                 SLP012 =
2018-01-20 06:00 METAR CYQB 200600Z 21010G17KT 6SM -SN BKN012 OVC020 M02/M04 A2955 RMK SC6SC2
                 PRESFR SLP012 =
2018-01-20 05:05 METAR CYQB 200505Z 22010G16KT 7SM -SHSN BKN012 OVC018 M02/M04 A2960 RMK SC6SC2
                 CVCTV CLD EMBD SLP030 =
2018-01-20 05:00 METAR CYQB 200500Z 22011KT 7SM BKN012 OVC018 M02/M04 A2960 RMK SC6SC2 SLP031 =
2018-01-20 04:16 METAR CYQB 200416Z 23012G18KT 7SM OVC010 M02/M04 A2965 RMK SC8 SLP045 =
2018-01-20 04:00 METAR CYQB 200400Z 22012KT 7SM -FZDZ OVC009 M02/M04 A2965 RMK ST8 SLP046 =
2018-01-20 03:56 METAR CYQB 200356Z 22012KT 7SM -FZDZ OVC008 M02/M04 A2965 RMK ST8 SLP047 =
2018-01-20 03:27 METAR CYQB 200327Z 22009KT 4SM -FZDZ OVC005 M03/M03 A2967 RMK ST8 PRESFR SLP052
2018-01-20 03:00 METAR CYQB 200300Z 23008KT 5SM -FZDZ -SN OVC005 M03/M04 A2970 RMK ST8 SLP063 =
2018-01-20 02:59 METAR CYQB 200259Z 23009KT 5SM -FZDZ -SN OVC005 M03/M04 A2970 RMK SC8 SLP063 =
2018-01-20 02:19 METAR CYQB 200219Z 23007KT 5SM -SN OVC007 M03/M04 A2970 RMK ST8 SLP062 =
2018-01-20 02:00 METAR CYQB 200200Z 23006KT 5SM -FZDZ -SN OVC007 M03/M04 A2971 RMK ST8 PRESFR
                 SLP065 =
2018-01-20 01:00 METAR CYQB 200100Z CCA 24007KT 5SM -FZDZ -SN BKN007 M03/M05 A2974 RMK ST7 SLP077
2018-01-20 00:00 METAR CYQB 200000Z 24009KT 4SM -FZDZ -SN OVC007 M03/M04 A2976 RMK ST8 VRY LGT SN
                 SLP084 =
2018-01-19 23:53 METAR CYQB 192353Z 23011KT 4SM -FZDZ BR OVC006 M03/M04 A2977 RMK ST8 SLP086 =
2018-01-19 23:39 METAR CYQB 192339Z 24010KT 5SM -FZDZ BR BKN005 OVC013 M03/M04 A2977 RMK ST6SC2
                 SLP087 =
2018-01-19 23:29 METAR CYQB 192329Z 23008KT 6SM -FZDZ -SN BKN007 OVC013 M03/M04 A2977 RMK ST6SC2
                 FROIN SLP088 =
2018-01-19 23:00 METAR CYQB 192300Z 23009KT 8SM -SN OVC013 M03/M05 A2976 RMK SC8 SLP085 =
2018-01-19 22:00 METAR CYQB 192200Z 21007KT 5SM -SN BR OVC013 M04/M05 A2977 RMK SC8 SLP086 =
2018-01-19 21:00 METAR CYQB 192100Z CCA 22008KT 4SM BR OVC011 M04/M05 A2979 RMK SC8 VIS LWR W
                 SLP094 =
2018-01-19 20:00 METAR CYQB 192000Z 21006KT 3SM BR OVC011 M04/M05 A2979 RMK SC8 SLP094 =
2018-01-19 19:00 METAR CYQB 191900Z 23005KT 5SM BR OVC010 M04/M06 A2981 RMK SC8 SLP099 =
2018-01-19 18:26 METAR CYQB 191826Z 25006KT 4SM BR OVC010 M04/M06 A2981 RMK SC8 SLP101 =
2018-01-19 18:00 METAR CYQB 191800Z 25005KT 4SM -SN BR OVC011 M04/M06 A2982 RMK SC8 SLP104 =
2018-01-19 17:00 METAR CYQB 191700Z 25006KT 4SM -SN BR OVC011 M05/M07 A2984 RMK SC8 SLP113 =
2018-01-19 16:00 METAR CYQB 191600Z 22007KT 4SM -SN BR OVC010 M05/M07 A2986 RMK SC8 SLP119 =

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