Sunday, April 22, 2018, 1:06 AM GMT
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CYQB, Quebec, Que

Location: , , Canada Lat: 46.8
Local Time: 1:06 AM GMT ( 1:06 GMT) Lon: -71.383
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 229 ft

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2018-04-22 00:00 METAR CYQB 220000Z VRB02KT 30SM FEW080 SCT220 05/M06 A3023 RMK AC1CI3 SLP241 =
2018-04-21 23:00 METAR CYQB 212300Z 30004KT 250V350 30SM FEW080 SCT220 08/M06 A3021 RMK AC2CI2
                 SLP235 =
2018-04-21 22:00 METAR CYQB 212200Z 30005KT 250V350 30SM SCT080 BKN220 08/M06 A3019 RMK AC4CI1
                 SLP229 =
2018-04-21 21:00 METAR CYQB 212100Z 30006KT 250V330 30SM BKN080 08/M07 A3019 RMK AC6 SLP227 =
2018-04-21 20:00 METAR CYQB 212000Z 29007G15KT 260V320 30SM BKN070 08/M07 A3019 RMK AC7 VIRGA
                 SLP227 =
2018-04-21 19:00 METAR CYQB 211900Z 29005KT 240V330 30SM BKN070 08/M06 A3019 RMK AC7 SLP229 =
2018-04-21 18:00 METAR CYQB 211800Z 28006KT 260V330 30SM BKN068 BKN200 08/M06 A3021 RMK AC5CI1
                 SLP234 =
2018-04-21 17:00 METAR CYQB 211700Z 35007KT 260V020 30SM BKN065 BKN200 08/M06 A3022 RMK SC5CI1
                 SLP237 =
2018-04-21 16:00 METAR CYQB 211600Z 30006G15KT 250V350 30SM BKN057 07/M05 A3022 RMK SC5 SLP239 =
2018-04-21 15:00 METAR CYQB 211500Z 30008KT 270V360 30SM SCT055 06/M05 A3024 RMK CU3 SLP244 =
2018-04-21 14:00 METAR CYQB 211400Z 33005KT 280V060 30SM FEW040 SCT200 06/M06 A3025 RMK CU2CI1
                 SLP247 =
2018-04-21 13:00 METAR CYQB 211300Z 34007KT 290V040 30SM FEW040 FEW140 05/M05 A3025 RMK CU2AC1 AC
                 TR SLP247 =
2018-04-21 12:00 METAR CYQB 211200Z 32004KT 230V350 30SM FEW030 FEW055 FEW200 03/M04 A3026 RMK
                 CF1SC1CI1 CF TR SLP250 =
2018-04-21 11:00 METAR CYQB 211100Z VRB02KT 30SM FEW030 SCT056 01/M05 A3025 RMK SC1SC3 SC TR
                 SLP248 =
2018-04-21 10:00 METAR CYQB 211000Z 31003KT 280V340 30SM FEW030 SCT064 01/M05 A3024 RMK SC1SC3
                 SLP244 =
2018-04-21 09:00 METAR CYQB 210900Z 33004KT 300V010 30SM SCT065 01/M04 A3022 RMK SC4 SLP239 =
2018-04-21 08:00 METAR CYQB 210800Z 32004KT 280V030 15SM FEW070 SCT110 02/M04 A3021 RMK AC2AC1
                 SLP234 =
2018-04-21 07:00 METAR CYQB 210700Z 30003KT 250V010 15SM SCT071 BKN110 02/M04 A3020 RMK AC4AC1
                 SLP232 =
2018-04-21 06:00 METAR CYQB 210600Z VRB02KT 15SM FEW025 SCT100 02/M03 A3020 RMK SC1AC3 SC TR
                 SLP230 =
2018-04-21 05:46 METAR CYQB 210546Z 00000KT 15SM FEW025 SCT090 02/M04 A3020 RMK SC1AC4 SC TR
                 SLP230 =
2018-04-21 05:00 METAR CYQB 210500Z 28003KT 240V010 15SM FEW025 BKN081 03/M03 A3020 RMK SC1AC5
                 SLP230 =
2018-04-21 04:00 METAR CYQB 210400Z 29004KT 250V330 15SM FEW025 BKN080 BKN090 04/M03 A3019 RMK
                 SC1AC5AC1 VIRGA SLP229 =
2018-04-21 03:00 METAR CYQB 210300Z 29004KT 250V330 15SM FEW025 BKN081 03/M02 A3019 RMK SC1AC6
                 SLP227 =
2018-04-21 02:00 METAR CYQB 210200Z 28005KT 15SM FEW025 FEW070 BKN120 04/M02 A3018 RMK SC1AC1AC5
                 SLP226 =

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