Thursday, November 15, 2018, 2:30 AM GMT
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CYSC, Sherbrooke, Que.

Location: , , Canada Lat: 45.4
Local Time: 2:30 AM GMT ( 2:30 GMT) Lon: -71.883
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 557 ft

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2018-11-15 02:00 METAR CYSC 150200Z AUTO 26008KT 9SM CLR M12/M16 A3050 RMK SLP350 =
2018-11-15 01:00 METAR CYSC 150100Z AUTO 24006KT 9SM CLR M12/M16 A3049 RMK PRESRR TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP345 =
2018-11-15 00:00 METAR CYSC 150000Z AUTO 26007KT 9SM FEW250 M11/M16 A3046 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP337 =
2018-11-14 23:00 METAR CYSC 142300Z AUTO 27011G18KT 9SM CLR M11/M16 A3043 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP328 =
2018-11-14 22:00 METAR CYSC 142200Z AUTO 27010G17KT 9SM CLR M11/M16 A3039 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP313 =
2018-11-14 21:00 METAR CYSC 142100Z AUTO 27015G22KT 9SM CLR M10/M16 A3036 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP302 =
2018-11-14 20:00 METAR CYSC 142000Z AUTO 28019G25KT 9SM FEW250 M10/M17 A3032 RMK PRESRR SLP288 =
2018-11-14 19:00 METAR CYSC 141900Z AUTO 27022G27KT 9SM FEW036 M10/M17 A3028 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP274 =
2018-11-14 18:00 METAR CYSC 141800Z AUTO 26020G26KT 9SM SCT035 SCT250 M11/M17 A3027 RMK SLP270 =
2018-11-14 17:00 METAR CYSC 141700Z AUTO 29017G24KT 9SM FEW037 SCT250 M11/M18 A3025 RMK SLP264 =
2018-11-14 16:00 METAR CYSC 141600Z AUTO 29019G27KT 9SM FEW025 SCT030 BKN035 BKN250 M12/M18 A3024
                 RMK SLP261 =
2018-11-14 15:00 METAR CYSC 141500Z AUTO 28016G24KT 9SM BKN035 M12/M18 A3023 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP257 =
2018-11-14 13:38 METAR CYSC 141338Z AUTO 28014G25KT 5SM -SN FEW020 BKN025 BKN030 M13/M17 A3020
2018-11-14 13:19 METAR CYSC 141319Z AUTO 29013G25KT 9SM -SN FEW025 OVC031 M12/M17 A3018 RMK
                 TS/LTNG TEMPO UNAVBL SLP238 =
2018-11-14 13:00 METAR CYSC 141300Z AUTO 28014KT 9SM BKN033 M12/M17 A3017 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP234 =
2018-11-14 12:00 METAR CYSC 141200Z AUTO 26006KT 9SM FEW026 M13/M17 A3014 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP222 =
2018-11-14 11:00 METAR CYSC 141100Z AUTO 29010KT 9SM SCT032 M13/M17 A3010 RMK TS/LTNG TEMPO
                 UNAVBL SLP210 =
2018-11-14 09:00 METAR CYSC 140900Z AUTO 28007KT 9SM FEW032 OVC060 M12/M15 A3005 RMK TS/LTNG
                 TEMPO UNAVBL SLP192 =
2018-11-14 08:15 METAR CYSC 140815Z AUTO 28009G15KT 9SM FEW014 BKN028 BKN060 M12/M15 A3003 RMK
                 SLP185 =
2018-11-14 08:06 METAR CYSC 140806Z AUTO 29011G20KT 9SM -SN SCT014 OVC028 M11/M14 A3003 RMK
                 SLP185 =
2018-11-14 08:01 METAR CYSC 140801Z AUTO 29009G17KT 6SM -SN BKN012 BKN020 OVC028 M11/M14 A3003
                 RMK SLP185 =
2018-11-14 08:00 METAR CYSC 140800Z AUTO 30010G17KT 5SM -SN BKN012 BKN020 OVC028 M11/M14 A3003
                 RMK SLP185 =
2018-11-14 07:56 METAR CYSC 140756Z AUTO 30013KT 3SM -SN BKN014 BKN020 BKN028 M11/M14 A3003 RMK
                 SLP184 =
2018-11-14 07:46 METAR CYSC 140746Z AUTO 29011KT 2SM -SN FEW005 BKN012 BKN036 M11/M13 A3002 RMK
                 SLP183 =
2018-11-14 07:39 METAR CYSC 140739Z AUTO 30009G24KT 1 3/4SM -SN FEW005 BKN010 BKN025 BKN034
                 M10/M13 A3002 RMK SLP182 =
2018-11-14 07:37 METAR CYSC 140737Z AUTO 29011G24KT 2 1/2SM -SN FEW005 SCT012 BKN021 BKN027
                 M10/M13 A3002 RMK SLP182 =
2018-11-14 07:36 METAR CYSC 140736Z AUTO 29012G24KT 2 1/2SM -SN FEW005 SCT012 SCT021 BKN027
                 M10/M13 A3002 RMK SLP181 =
2018-11-14 07:32 METAR CYSC 140732Z AUTO 28018G25KT 4SM -SN FEW014 SCT021 BKN027 BKN035 M10/M14
                 A3001 RMK SLP180 =
2018-11-14 07:26 METAR CYSC 140726Z AUTO 29018G25KT 9SM -SN FEW014 BKN027 BKN035 M10/M14 A3001
                 RMK SLP178 =
2018-11-14 07:25 METAR CYSC 140725Z AUTO 28018G25KT 9SM FEW014 SCT022 BKN027 BKN035 M10/M14 A3001
                 RMK SLP178 =
2018-11-14 07:09 METAR CYSC 140709Z AUTO 28015KT 9SM -SN OVC025 M10/M14 A3001 RMK SLP178 =
2018-11-14 07:00 METAR CYSC 140700Z AUTO 27012KT 9SM OVC025 M10/M13 A3001 RMK SLP180 =
2018-11-14 06:00 METAR CYSC 140600Z AUTO 28016G26KT 9SM FEW032 M09/M13 A2998 RMK SLP168 =
2018-11-14 05:53 METAR CYSC 140553Z AUTO 27020G26KT 9SM FEW029 SCT034 M09/M14 A2998 RMK SLP167 =
2018-11-14 05:00 METAR CYSC 140500Z AUTO 27015G29KT 9SM -SN FEW025 OVC033 M08/M12 A2996 RMK
                 PRESRR SLP160 =
2018-11-14 04:00 METAR CYSC 140400Z AUTO 26019G25KT 9SM -SN BKN025 OVC030 M07/M11 A2992 RMK
                 SLP147 =
2018-11-14 03:00 METAR CYSC 140300Z AUTO 28023G33KT 9SM -SN BKN027 OVC034 M05/M09 A2987 RMK
                 TS/LTNG TEMPO UNAVBL SLP129 =
2018-11-14 02:57 METAR CYSC 140257Z AUTO 28025G33KT 9SM -SN BKN027 OVC033 M05/M09 A2986 RMK
                 SLP126 =

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