Thursday, November 23, 2017, 7:16 AM GMT
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CYWA, Petawawa, Ont.

Location: , , Canada Lat: 45.95
Local Time: 7:16 AM GMT ( 7:16 GMT) Lon: -77.317
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 426 ft

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2017-11-23 07:00 METAR CYWA 230700Z AUTO 23002KT 9SM CLR M12/M14 A3012 RMK SLP210 =
2017-11-23 06:00 METAR CYWA 230600Z AUTO 23002KT 9SM CLR M12/M13 A3012 RMK SLP211 =
2017-11-23 05:00 METAR CYWA 230500Z AUTO 23003KT 9SM CLR M11/M13 A3015 RMK SLP220 =
2017-11-23 04:00 METAR CYWA 230400Z AUTO 00000KT 9SM CLR M10/M13 A3016 RMK SLP225 =
2017-11-23 03:00 METAR CYWA 230300Z AUTO 25002KT 9SM CLR M08/M12 A3017 RMK SLP226 =
2017-11-23 02:00 METAR CYWA 230200Z AUTO 30004KT 9SM OVC029 M06/M12 A3017 RMK SLP227 =
2017-11-23 01:33 METAR CYWA 230133Z 31006KT 15SM BKN030 M06/M12 A3018 RMK SC7 DA-2328FT LAST STFD
                 OBS/NEXT 231400 UTC SLP228 =
2017-11-23 01:00 METAR CYWA 230100Z 31008KT 15SM BKN030 M06/M12 A3018 RMK SC7 DA-2301FT SLP230 =
2017-11-23 00:24 METAR CYWA 230024Z 32008KT 15SM BKN030 M05/M12 A3018 RMK SC7 DA-2276FT SLP230 =
2017-11-23 00:00 METAR CYWA 230000Z 33009KT 15SM -SHSN BKN030 M05/M12 A3018 RMK SC7 PCPN VRY LGT
                 SLP231 =
2017-11-22 23:00 METAR CYWA 222300Z 33011KT 15SM -SHSN BKN030 M05/M12 A3018 RMK SC7 DA-2250FT
                 PCPN VRY LGT SLP230 =
2017-11-22 22:00 METAR CYWA 222200Z 30008KT 15SM BKN030 M05/M12 A3016 RMK SC7 DA-2188FT SLP223 =
2017-11-22 21:00 METAR CYWA 222100Z 30008KT 15SM BKN030 M05/M12 A3015 RMK SC7 DA-2139FT SLP219 =
2017-11-22 20:00 METAR CYWA 222000Z 32011KT 15SM BKN030 M05/M11 A3014 RMK SC6 DA-2125FT SLP214 =
2017-11-22 19:46 METAR CYWA 221946Z 30009G17KT 15SM -SHSN BKN030 M05/M11 A3014 RMK SC6 DA-2112FT
                 SLP213 =
2017-11-22 19:00 METAR CYWA 221900Z 28009KT 270V340 15SM BKN030 M04/M11 A3012 RMK SC6 DA-2037FT
                 SLP207 =
2017-11-22 18:21 METAR CYWA 221821Z 29009KT 15SM -SHSN BKN030 M04/M11 A3012 RMK SC6 DA-2076FT
                 SLP209 =
2017-11-22 18:00 METAR CYWA 221800Z 32010KT 270V330 15SM SCT030 M04/M11 A3012 RMK SC3 DA-2025FT
                 SLP207 =
2017-11-22 17:00 METAR CYWA 221700Z 30009KT 15SM FEW008 FEW020 FEW080 M05/M12 A3012 RMK SF1SC1AC1
                 DA-2102FT SLP206 =
2017-11-22 16:00 METAR CYWA 221600Z 31011G17KT 15SM FEW008 FEW020 FEW080 M05/M12 A3014 RMK
                 SF1SC1AC1 DA-2216FT SF TR SLP212 =
2017-11-22 15:00 METAR CYWA 221500Z 33014KT 15SM FEW008 FEW020 SCT080 M06/M12 A3014 RMK SF1SC2AC2
                 DA-2244FT SLP213 =
2017-11-22 14:31 METAR CYWA 221431Z 32013G18KT 15SM FEW008 FEW020 BKN080 M06/M12 A3013 RMK
                 SF1SC2AC2 DA-2296FT SLP212 =
2017-11-22 14:12 METAR CYWA 221412Z 33011KT 15SM -SHSN FEW008 SCT020 BKN080 M06/M11 A3013 RMK
                 SF1SC2AC3 DA-2268FT SLP209 =
2017-11-22 14:00 METAR CYWA 221400Z 32014KT 15SM FEW008 SCT020 BKN080 M06/M11 A3012 RMK SF1SC2AC3
                 DA-2217FT SLP208 =
2017-11-22 13:45 METAR CYWA 221345Z 33011KT 15SM FEW008 BKN019 BKN080 M05/M10 A3011 RMK SF1SC4AC2
                 DA-2125FT SLP204 =
2017-11-22 13:00 METAR CYWA 221300Z 32011KT 15SM -SHSN BKN019 OVC040 M04/M08 A3008 RMK SC6SC2
                 DA-1969FT PCPN VRY LGT SLP194 =
2017-11-22 12:45 METAR CYWA 221245Z 31011KT 15SM -SHSN BKN019 OVC040 M04/M08 A3007 RMK SC6SC2
                 DA-1957FT SLP191 =
2017-11-22 12:00 METAR CYWA 221200Z 34012KT 12SM BKN019 OVC040 M03/M08 A3004 RMK SC6SC2 DA-1846FT
                 SLP181 =
2017-11-22 11:50 METAR CYWA 221150Z 33012KT 9SM BKN019 OVC040 M03/M08 A3004 RMK SC6SC2 DA-1833FT
                 SLP178 =
2017-11-22 11:00 METAR CYWA 221100Z 31012G17KT 9SM -SN OVC019 M03/M07 A3000 RMK SC8 DA-1681FT FST
                 STFD OBS SLP165 =
2017-11-22 10:00 METAR CYWA 221000Z AUTO 30011G16KT 9SM M01/M06 A2995 RMK SLP149 =
2017-11-22 09:00 METAR CYWA 220900Z AUTO 32013KT 9SM M00/M04 A2992 RMK SLP137 =
2017-11-22 08:00 METAR CYWA 220800Z AUTO 32011KT 9SM OVC030 01/M03 A2989 RMK SLP129 =

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