Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 5:19 PM GMT
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CYYG, Charlottetown, P. E. I.

Location: , , Canada Lat: 46.283
Local Time: 5:19 PM GMT (17:19 GMT) Lon: -63.133
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 157 ft

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2018-01-16 17:00 METAR CYYG 161700Z 36005KT 15SM -SN OVC015 M03/M07 A3034 RMK SC8 SLP279 =
2018-01-16 16:48 METAR CYYG 161648Z 01008KT 15SM -SN OVC015 M03/M07 A3035 RMK SC8 SLP281 =
2018-01-16 16:00 METAR CYYG 161600Z 34007KT 310V040 15SM -SN OVC011 M03/M06 A3037 RMK SC8 SLP289
2018-01-16 15:00 METAR CYYG 161500Z 02009G15KT 15SM -SN OVC012 M04/M06 A3038 RMK SC8 SLP291 =
2018-01-16 14:00 METAR CYYG 161400Z 03009G15KT 12SM -SN DRSN FEW008 BKN013 OVC045 M04/M06 A3038
                 RMK SF1SC4SC3 SLP293 =
2018-01-16 13:23 METAR CYYG 161323Z 02008KT 12SM -SN DRSN SCT010 BKN015 OVC050 M04/M07 A3038 RMK
                 SC3SC3SC2 SLP294 =
2018-01-16 13:04 METAR CYYG 161304Z 02009G15KT 12SM -SN DRSN BKN011 BKN022 OVC048 M05/M06 A3037
                 RMK SC5SC1SC2 PRESRR SLP289 =
2018-01-16 13:00 METAR CYYG 161300Z 03011KT 12SM -SN DRSN SCT010 BKN022 OVC048 M05/M06 A3035 RMK
                 SC4SC2SC2 SLP284 =
2018-01-16 12:00 METAR CYYG 161200Z 03012KT 5SM -SN SCT008 BKN018 OVC054 M05/M06 A3036 RMK
                 SC3SC2SC3 SLP286 =
2018-01-16 11:33 METAR CYYG 161133Z 03011KT 3SM -SN BKN008 OVC015 M05/M06 A3037 RMK SC5SC3 SLP288
2018-01-16 11:00 METAR CYYG 161100Z 03013KT 1 3/4SM -SN DRSN OVC009 M05/M06 A3037 RMK SN4SF4
                 /S03/ SLP290 =
2018-01-16 10:00 METAR CYYG 161000Z 03015KT 2 1/2SM -SN DRSN OVC008 M05/M06 A3036 RMK SN2SF6
                 /S02/ SLP286 =
2018-01-16 09:00 METAR CYYG 160900Z 01015KT 2SM R03/4000V5500FT/D -SN DRSN BKN009 OVC020 M05/M06
                 A3037 RMK SN2SF3NS3 SLP289 =
2018-01-16 08:55 METAR CYYG 160855Z 01013G20KT 2SM R03/4500VP6000FT/D -SN DRSN BKN009 OVC020
                 M05/M06 A3037 RMK SN2SF3NS3 SLP290 =
2018-01-16 08:00 METAR CYYG 160800Z 02015KT 4SM -SN DRSN SCT018 OVC048 M05/M07 A3038 RMK SC4NS4
                 SLP292 =
2018-01-16 07:00 METAR CYYG 160700Z 03018KT 3SM -SN DRSN SCT017 OVC040 M05/M07 A3038 RMK SC3NS5
                 PRESFR SLP293 =
2018-01-16 06:16 METAR CYYG 160616Z 04015G22KT 6SM -SN DRSN BKN017 OVC040 M05/M08 A3040 RMK
                 SC5NS3 SLP298 =
2018-01-16 06:00 METAR CYYG 160600Z 04016G24KT 15SM -SN BKN016 OVC040 M05/M08 A3040 RMK SC7NS1
                 PRESFR SLP299 =
2018-01-16 05:00 METAR CYYG 160500Z 05014G20KT 15SM -SN BKN016 OVC055 M05/M08 A3046 RMK SC7NS1
                 SLP318 =
2018-01-16 04:00 METAR CYYG 160400Z 05014G23KT 15SM -SN OVC018 M06/M08 A3050 RMK SC8 OBS TAKEN
                 +08 PRESFR SLP332 =
2018-01-16 03:00 METAR CYYG 160300Z 04018G26KT 15SM OVC014 M06/M08 A3054 RMK SC8 PRESFR SLP347 =
2018-01-16 02:00 METAR CYYG 160200Z 05015G21KT 15SM -SN BKN016 OVC140 M06/M09 A3059 RMK SC7AS1
                 SLP365 =
2018-01-16 01:00 METAR CYYG 160100Z 05015KT 15SM -SN OVC015 M06/M09 A3064 RMK SC8 SLP381 =
2018-01-16 00:00 METAR CYYG 160000Z 05014G25KT 15SM -SN OVC015 M07/M10 A3067 RMK SC8 SLP390 =
2018-01-15 23:00 METAR CYYG 152300Z 05015KT 12SM -SN OVC018 M07/M10 A3069 RMK SC8 PRESFR SLP397 =
2018-01-15 22:00 METAR CYYG 152200Z 06013G18KT 10SM -SN OVC017 M07/M10 A3073 RMK SC8 SLP412 =
2018-01-15 21:00 METAR CYYG 152100Z 05014G20KT 6SM -SN BR OVC018 M08/M11 A3074 RMK SC8 SLP416 =
2018-01-15 20:00 METAR CYYG 152000Z 05014G20KT 4SM -SN BR OVC020 M08/M11 A3074 RMK SC8 SLP415 =
2018-01-15 19:00 METAR CYYG 151900Z 04013G19KT 4SM -SN BR OVC022 M08/M11 A3076 RMK SC8 SLP421 =
2018-01-15 18:41 METAR CYYG 151841Z 05013G18KT 4SM -SN BR OVC024 M08/M12 A3077 RMK SC8 PRESFR
                 SLP424 =
2018-01-15 18:00 METAR CYYG 151800Z 03015KT 8SM -SN OVC018 M08/M11 A3077 RMK SC8 SLP424 =

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