Friday, January 19, 2018, 3:59 AM GMT
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CYYG, Charlottetown, P. E. I.

Location: , , Canada Lat: 46.283
Local Time: 3:59 AM GMT ( 3:59 GMT) Lon: -63.133
Time Zone: GMT Elev: 157 ft

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2018-01-19 03:00 METAR CYYG 190300Z 30005KT 270V330 15SM SKC M08/M10 A2976 RMK SLP084 =
2018-01-19 02:00 METAR CYYG 190200Z 31010G16KT 15SM FEW015 M08/M09 A2976 RMK SC1 SLP083 =
2018-01-19 01:00 METAR CYYG 190100Z 30006KT 15SM FEW015 M07/M09 A2977 RMK SC2 SLP086 =
2018-01-19 00:00 METAR CYYG 190000Z 30008KT 15SM SCT014 M06/M09 A2977 RMK SC3 SLP085 =
2018-01-18 23:00 METAR CYYG 182300Z 32012KT 15SM SCT014 M06/M08 A2974 RMK SC4 SLP074 =
2018-01-18 22:00 METAR CYYG 182200Z 31009KT 12SM FEW016 SCT035 BKN260 M05/M08 A2974 RMK SC2SC2CS2
                 SLP076 =
2018-01-18 21:00 METAR CYYG 182100Z 30008KT 12SM FEW015 BKN032 M04/M06 A2974 RMK SC2SC4 SLP074 =
2018-01-18 20:16 METAR CYYG 182016Z 27006KT 12SM SCT010 BKN020 M03/M05 A2974 RMK SC3SC4 SLP076 =
2018-01-18 20:00 METAR CYYG 182000Z 29005KT 10SM -SN OVC010 M03/M05 A2973 RMK SF8 SLP073 =
2018-01-18 19:12 METAR CYYG 181912Z 28009KT 8SM -SN OVC008 M03/M05 A2974 RMK SF8 SLP075 =
2018-01-18 19:00 METAR CYYG 181900Z 28006KT 8SM OVC008 M03/M04 A2973 RMK SF8 SLP073 =
2018-01-18 18:34 METAR CYYG 181834Z 25008KT 8SM OVC008 M02/M04 A2973 RMK SF8 SLP073 =
2018-01-18 18:00 METAR CYYG 181800Z 25007KT 10SM BKN006 BKN025 M02/M04 A2973 RMK CU6SC1 OBS TAKEN
                 +08 SLP070 =
2018-01-18 17:40 METAR CYYG 181740Z 24004KT 10SM FEW004 SCT035 SCT260 M02/M04 A2973 RMK CF2SC1CI1
                 SLP070 =
2018-01-18 17:00 METAR CYYG 181700Z 25007KT 230V310 8SM OVC004 M03/M04 A2973 RMK ST8 SLP072 =
2018-01-18 16:00 METAR CYYG 181600Z 25006KT 8SM -SN BKN004 OVC040 M02/M04 A2977 RMK SF6SC2 PRESFR
                 SLP084 =
2018-01-18 15:00 METAR CYYG 181500Z 27007KT 8SM -SN BKN005 OVC040 M02/M04 A2980 RMK SF7SC1 SLP096
2018-01-18 14:57 METAR CYYG 181457Z 26009KT 8SM -SN BKN005 OVC040 M02/M04 A2980 RMK SF7SC1 SLP096
2018-01-18 14:38 METAR CYYG 181438Z 23008KT 10SM -SN SCT004 BKN033 OVC044 M03/M04 A2981 RMK
                 SF4SC2SC2 SLP099 =
2018-01-18 14:00 METAR CYYG 181400Z 21008KT 6SM -SN OVC004 M03/M04 A2982 RMK ST8 SLP101 =
2018-01-18 13:00 METAR CYYG 181300Z 30004KT 250V320 8SM -SN BKN003 OVC043 M03/M04 A2980 RMK
                 ST7SC1 SLP095 =
2018-01-18 12:13 METAR CYYG 181213Z VRB03KT 8SM -SN BKN004 BKN045 M03/M04 A2979 RMK ST5SC2 VIS
                 LWR SE-SW SLP092 =
2018-01-18 12:00 METAR CYYG 181200Z 08002KT 8SM -SN SCT003 BKN053 M03/M04 A2978 RMK SF4SC3 VIS
                 LWR SE-SW SLP088 =
2018-01-18 11:00 METAR CYYG 181100Z 33003KT 6SM -SN BR BKN005 OVC015 M03/M03 A2980 RMK SF7SC1
                 SLP096 =
2018-01-18 10:00 METAR CYYG 181000Z 35004KT 4SM -SN BR FEW004 OVC017 M03/M03 A2981 RMK SF2SC6
                 SLP098 =
2018-01-18 09:43 METAR CYYG 180943Z 36005KT 6SM -SN BR FEW004 OVC017 M03/M03 A2981 RMK SF2SC6
                 SLP101 =
2018-01-18 09:00 METAR CYYG 180900Z 35005KT 6SM -SN BR BKN005 OVC015 M03/M03 A2983 RMK SF6SC2
                 SLP105 =
2018-01-18 08:28 METAR CYYG 180828Z 36005KT 6SM -SN BKN004 OVC018 M03/M03 A2983 RMK SF6SC2 SLP105
2018-01-18 08:00 METAR CYYG 180800Z 36006KT 6SM -SN SCT004 OVC017 M03/M03 A2983 RMK SF3SC5 PRESFR
                 SLP105 =
2018-01-18 07:55 METAR CYYG 180755Z 36005KT 5SM -SN FEW003 BKN017 OVC027 M03/M03 A2983 RMK
                 SF1SC6SC1 SLP106 =
2018-01-18 07:00 METAR CYYG 180700Z 02007KT 3SM -SN OVC027 M03/M04 A2985 RMK SC8 /S01/ SLP112 =
2018-01-18 06:16 METAR CYYG 180616Z 02007KT 2 1/2SM -SN SCT015 VV050 M03/M03 A2988 RMK SC3SN5
                 SLP122 =
2018-01-18 06:00 METAR CYYG 180600Z 02007KT 1SM R03/P6000FT/U -SN VV015 M03/M03 A2988 RMK SN8
                 /S12/ SLP124 =
2018-01-18 05:00 METAR CYYG 180500Z 07005KT 5/8SM R03/4500FT/N -SN VV010 M03/M03 A2992 RMK SN8
                 /S09/ SLP136 =
2018-01-18 04:00 METAR CYYG 180400Z 09005KT 3/4SM R03/4000V6000FT/U -SN VV011 M03/M03 A2995 RMK
                 SN8 /S07/ PRESFR SLP148 =

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